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Rain Sensor (Automatic Wiper Control)

The System

Rain Sensor
Rain Sensor is a highly versatile device for automatic wiping of vehicle windscreen when it is wet due to moisture, raindrops or even mud. It works by reflecting harmonious light beams within the windscreen. When raindrops fall onto the windscreen, the harmony is disturbed - creating a drop in the light beam intensity. The system then activates the wiper to operate in full automatic mode.


  • Automatic wiper activation and deactivation
  • Intelligent wipers speed control
  • Auto tuning for all windscreens
  • Manual override function


  • Safety : The 10 milliseconds response time allows immediate activation of wiper when sudden splashes of water (due to puddles / potholes) that totally "blind" the driver. Without the Rain Sensor the driver would be at risk of losing control of vehicle.
  • Comfort: The driver may be subjected to many distractions like; heavy traffic, bad weather, dangerous road conditions and fatigue. The Rain Sensor reduces the driver's distraction, making driving more comfortable and relaxing. Trailing a vehicle in wet conditions is no longer a nuisance as detection of even 0.005 milliliters of water will activate the wiper.


Description Detail
Supply voltage DC 10V to 16V
Operating current 200mA
Operating temperature -30°C to +85°C
Relay load current 20A
Current consumption 1A (max)
Wiper motor Dual or Single
Wiper response time 10 milliseconds
Wiper mode (1) Intermittent (2) Slow (3) Fast
Detection medium Water, mud, moisture, any liquid
Type of Signal Visible Light
Manual override Available
Detection sensitivity 0.005 milliliters (water)
Type of wiper Model1 : Single wiper; Model 2 : Dual wiper